5 Best Email List Building Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Subscribers


Lead magnets are the best kind of ethical bribe you can give to your audience to grab their contact details like name, email, and phone number. It’s a good and ethical way to grow your subscriber’s list.

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Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers in India 2020


Affiliate Marketing Programs is a program where advertisers promote their products using the publisher’s inventory. It could be via email, SMS, Website, Social Media, or Search Ads. Advertisers assign you the commission for selling their products on your…

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Email Marketing Automation: It’s not just the Personalization of Subscribers Name & Email


This article is all about Email Marketing Automation. When it comes to automation, personalization is the way to reach every single subscriber to feel them that, you are interacting with them personally by all mean either the subject line…

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6 Email Marketing Lead Nurturing Steps for Beginners

Email Marketing Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of establishing relationships between brands and customers. In Digital Marketing Strategy, Email marketing considered an important way to nurture a lead. Here I’m going t explain 4 lead nurturing steps to engage with…

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7 Must-Read Books For Email Marketing professionals

7 Must-Read Books For Email Marketer

In the Digital Marketing strategy, email marketing is playing an important role. Things are changing day-to-day and there are different types of changes that are happening in the email marketing field also. To keep you updated with the…

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What is Email Marketing, and why do you need it?

definittion of email marketing

In 2020 Email marketing is one of the useful online Marketing strategies in Digital Marketing. For Businesses, email marketing is important to keep their customers aware of the latest update, changes, and announces that have been going to…

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