Email Marketing Automation: It’s not just the Personalization of Subscribers Name & Email


This article is all about Email Marketing Automation. When it comes to automation, personalization is the way to reach every single subscriber to feel them that, you are interacting with them personally by all mean either the subject line or the content of the mail.

I’m writing here about email marketing automation and trying to let you know that automation is in email marketing is not limited to the personalization of Name, and email of the subscriber.

What is Automation in Email Marketing?

As you’ve learned to grow your business, you no doubt have come across email marketing jargon such as segments and drip marketing. 

As the name sounds automation in email marketing is sending out emails to your customers and prospects automatically, based on a schedule, or triggers, you define.

It sounds simple right? Yes, the most part of the email marketing is simple to understand, but just like any other online marketing skill, the more time you spend to learn and practice the same. The more you will be able to apply the things in your email marketing campaigns.

Before we deep dive into email marketing automation, it’s worth noting what automated email marketing is not.

So automation in email marketing does not refer to automated emails your customers get after shopping from your website or after doing the transaction from your website like.. your product has been shipped and thanks for placing the order.

This kind of automation refers to a transactional email that is automatically generated after you have placed the order. Their primary goal is to notify, not engage, subscribers

Email marketing automation comes into effect

So the question is what is the way to nurture the leads and engage your customer. The answer is email marketing automation, and there are types of automated emails you can send to your customers and prospects. These emails generally fall into two camps:

  1. Event-based trigger emails and
  2. Drip-feed email content

You can use the above independently or together depending on your end goals. For example, you could start with an event-based trigger email that then enrolls the customer in a drip-feed – delivering content to them by email at set intervals you define.

Event-based trigger emails

As the name sounds trigger – these kinds of mails especially triggered based on user behavior. These are the most common types of automated emails since they remove a lot of the tedious creation and sending of everyday messages. Trigger emails generally include:

  • Welcome emails/onboarding/getting started with your product or service
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Refer-a-friend (you bought something, now tell others for a coupon or other special)
  • Milestone emails (birthdays, join dates, specific milestones)

Trigger-based emails can be set up on the basis of the action any user performs on your campaigns.

Drip-feed email content

Drip feed emails are basically a kind of sequential messages based on a timeframe you specify, can also be a great source of extra revenue and leads if you do them right. If you want to convert your cod lead into a warm lead and finally into a sell. You can set up the drip-feed emails for your campaigns.

For Example:

If you want to convert your prospect into your customer the drip-feed emails will help you to do the same. Like if you want to sell an online course about Email Marketing Automation. First, you have to generate the interested leads for the same using a different channel out there. When you have a list of some interesting prospects. You can create a campaign using drip marketing tools out there in the market.

There are a wide range of email automation services out there, each with their own pros and cons. Here are a few to check out:

  • Aweber
  • Hubspot
  • Mailchimp

So can get started with email marketing automation using the tools mentioned above. Any others you would recommend? Let me know about them in the comments!

Source : Linkedin

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